Buy My Whing-Dang-Doodles!

So you've got something to sell, the web is a great place to do that. Whether you're selling handmade jewelry or you plan to be the next Amazon it's mostly a matter of scale. You want pictures and descriptions of your inventory. You want customers to be able to search your products. If you do custom or commision work you'll want a gallery of sold items. If your inventory changes frequently you'll want to be able to tell customers what's available and what's sold out. You'll want to be able to accept payment online in manner that is easy for your customers and reliable for you. You need your shipping department (especially if that's you) to get orders as fast as possible so you can get the product to the customer. These are just a few of the many things you'll need to consider. All are achievable as long as you know you need them.

So, assuming we're in agreement about the basics of what you need you could email me GiveMeWeb@Saturnday.Net or if you want, read a bit more about me first.