Let me do something for you!

So you have a service to provide. Whether it's mowing lawns or polishing rhombles there is a thing you do, possibly better than anyone else. You want to tell the world so that as many people as possible can avail themselves of your unique services. You might want some samples (custom art, jewelry) or examples. More likely will be customer testimonials. You'll probably want links to your social network presence, and if you don't have one you'll want to establish one. Google+ and Facebook might be right for you, or maybe twitter will be more your speed. It'll depend on exactly how you want to connect with your customers. You'll probably want to be able to write up a contract (ideally have one standard that can easily be filled out), especially if you are working on commission, and you'll need a way to accept payment. These are a few of the things it will be important to take into account.

So, assuming we're in agreement about the basics of what you need you could email me GiveMeWeb@Saturnday.Net or if you want, read a bit more about me first.